Step 1: Graphics Design / GUI 

The company will provide with and request client to fill up a relatively small form which is known as the Web Design Questionnaire / GUI Questionnaire. This will tend to ask questions as to what client envisions for the look and feel of the website.

They will then provide multiple design layouts based on the Web Design Questionnaire / GUI Questionnaire and mutual discussions for client’s approval.

 Step 2: Creation of HTML

 A team of software programmers along with the graphics team would then work on the finalized layout to do the following activities:

2.1Crop the PSD design.

2.2Generate HTML

2.3Generate web images

After the layout is achieved the QA team shall perform a check to ensure that the images generated are optimized. The output of this stage is reviewed by a Senior Software Engineer to ensure that the quality standards are met.

 Step 3: Creation of CSS

 While the HTML is being created, a team of software engineers would create the CSS. The CSS created are tested on all the specified browsers and platforms.

 Step 4: Content Management & Administration Area

 The content management system & administration area is implemented. This content management system will help Client to handle page content with ease. This content management is a part of the Administration area. Administration area will also comprise of other aspects that will let handle the other areas with ease.

 Step 5: Web Programming

A team of programmers will program the business functionality requirements.

 Step 6: Testing and QA

After the programming is done with and all the other areas are dealt, Testing and QA for the business functionality areas and presentation will be done. This will be comprised of:

1.General Layout QA

2.Testing of Administration areas

3.Testing of User / Business functionality areas.

Test cases will be generated for the same and the results will be made available to the client.


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