Currently Working & want to start your own company but can’t find the time due to the job. What should you do?

First of all before thinking anything or taking any decision, go for a Market Research about your Idea of Start-up and for this you can barely found 1 hr a day & more over Weekends.

Over Market Research, work your idea, next 5 year implementation plan, the already existing competitors. Idea Strategy work plan. Potentiality of Market is of the major concern how soon people would be adapted to your idea.

Once you do this you can simply figure out many points, estimated Fund( initial & running cost), team member, Social campaigning required & other necessity.

Now once you cross this, you can really get that required confidence to start-up your own company or business. Now you can get all the answers that how much time you are required to work for your company, what would be the cost, what all team members would you require at initial setup.

And then just go with the flow. According to time and needs things will start following down.

Now the concern goes with the Money Flow : For that you must prepare a REVENUE MODEL for the same. Be prepared with at-least 3-4 sources like if you are doing any online Trade/IT sector you can go with Advertisement, Adsense, Affiliates etc. The Revenue Plan also act as a BACK-UP plan for you.

Once you get a good Traffic and your plan worked then you can apply Loan for your startup or even approach any investors for the same.

Make up your mind work for the above points and nothing can stop you from starting your business.

Loads of Luck !



Is being a tech expert important to start an online business?

The answer is you must have a logic mind set to start any business and specially when you are dealing with any online business/trade or E-commerce it becomes a mandatory sort of thing.

Now you really don’t require to be a tech expert at all, but yes you are required to be friendly with the custom norms going on over the E-commerce trade.

After All ” A Satisfied Customer is the best business strategy of all ” – Michael LeBoeuf

For an example you must be familiar with the basic functionality & features of any E-commerce portal, the sort of display you must provide the user such that they can shop easily, a personalized account to track the orders, transactions, wishlist, offers etc.

Must have a fast payment gateway process, fast loading time, rate/review for the particular item, categorization of products selling. Social Media Sharing options.

Now if you are planning a Multi-Vendor Selling portal, a marketplace sort of things then you require a separate login for the re-sellers account i.e. vendor login their history, the products they are having, account balance, products purchased/ processed.

Now if you talk about keeping track for your portals traffic & activity you must have applied Analytic to it. Similar to make your customers buy things from you and to make a regular engagements your portal must support certain coupons/offers schema. Do have a Report section over your E-commerce portal to have a track. Bulk uploads is a thing which shouldn’t be skipped at all.

These were some really basic features you must keep in mind before starting portal. You may amend the features as per the needs and deeds of the portal you are planning.

All the best !